Information About the Movement

Fight for others!

Give to those in need!

Support and solidarity – the community’s call words.

Help and take on solidarity – these are our call words.

MARTIAL ARTISTS FOR HEALTHY CHILDREN MOVEMENT (HEGYEM) was founded in early 2010 to help all those children who do not have access to adequate quality and quantity of nutrition.

A significant part of Hungarian children do not receive the food sufficient for not only physical, but also for mental development. The basic problem is that the most important period of childhood is between the ages of 6 and 12 during which these kids do not receive the nutrients necessary for the development of their nervous system.

After this certain age there is no way to intervene, accelerate or affect the development process. This in turn also implies that the intellectual development does not occur in a proper pace; because of the fundamental problems the children will be unable to focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, sports and physical wellness.


In May 2010 – for the sake of fast and efficient help – the official organization was born: the Martial Artists For Healthy Children Public Benefit Company.

The organization was founded by martial artists Dr. Attila Gubacsi PH.D. and Dr. János Zsuga PH.D.

We put emphasis on the word “martial artists”, since the principles of “budo” (way of the martial artists) had a decisive impact on both of their lives. Fair and honest fights, the effort to reach external and internal harmony, persistent courage and to patronize the deprived are the main beliefs of the organization. The founders united to fight for these values and against insensitivity and indifference.


Support and assistance conducted on multiple levels. The help could be permanent or ad hoc to promote sports, events or to provide intellectual development. The Public Benefit Organization always keeps in mind the needs of each individual and considers the most important tools that could help the life of a child or his sporting career.

In this spirit, help could come in the form of equipment, aid to facilitate the preparation for competitions, travel assistance, contribution to travelling costs, various lectures, training courses, and publications to promote intellectual development, and not incidentally purveyance.

The organization takes highly into consideration the child’s achievements in his/her martial art of choice and acts accordingly.

The association – with the accordance and authorization of its Board of Supervision – considers all applications individually. Those who are accepted by the association are eligible for assistance and support.

With Who?

The HEGYEM Office – in order to reach these goals – is looking for sponsors, financial and intellectual resources. Thus, the financial background may be established, through which the intellectual and financial base can be ensured for the realization of these intentions.

The founders believe in good will and the power of help, therefore they create a transparent organization to guarantee the establishment of the targets determined in the ars poetica of the society.

They believe that a transparent organization will let everyone – who joins them – see, know and feel: the selfless support directly reaches those who need it most.

Please help the children in need!